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Hot Shot Aviation was started by two flight instructors turned airline pilots looking to do things differently. Josh and Jonathan wanted to share access to top-quality airplanes without the typical headaches or woes of flight schools. Our goal is simple - provide access to the cleanest, most reliable, best kept aircraft so you can love aviation the way we do.


Why We're Different

We keep our operation simple. We know flying is expensive, so why pay for extras and gimmicks when you're really here for the planes? We focus our investments in our planes to give you the best possible experience at the lowest price we can. This means no physical office or desk staff, no package deals or block rates. You'll get our best rate up front and know that it's all going directly toward a quality airplane.

These aren't just rental planes. If you've been around general aviation for long, you've probably heard horror stories about shoddy, run down rental planes. You won't find that here. We take pride in our planes and only rent to pilots who will treat them like their own. 

We worry about quality, not quantity. We will only rent airplanes in top shape, to renters that will help us take care. Every step of the way, our goal is to give you the best possible experience. 

We care about the environment. We were the flight school at Van Nuys Airport that was approached to use the Swift Unleaded Fuel UL94.  This fuel will have less of an impact on the environment compared to the fuels other flight schools choose to use. Plus it's better for reliability too!

Our instructors work for the client. Most the flight schools charge for the plane and the instructors.  Those instructors have an alliance to the school directly before the client.  At Hot Shot Aviation we checkout the instructors prior, so you pay the instructors directly and they work for you.

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